Eye / Library of Congress

Eye / Library of Congress

If you imagine your eye as a clock, then my vision is empty from five o’clock to six.  I don’t see a black space; my brain fills it in with the colors of visible areas nearby.  What is actually there is invisible to me. This damage is not to my eyes, but to my brain’s understanding of vision.

Big things are not the problem. The menace is toddlers running straight at me; they disappeared into thin air.

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  1. Karen Leibowitz writes:

    Hi Nina, I heard about your blog through my mom, and I wanted to let you know that I really like it. Also, I just heard an interview with Oliver Sacks on “Fresh Air,” in which he talks about similar visual disturbances–maybe that would interest you. I think his new book is on the eye/brain connection more generally.
    Well, anyway, let me know the next time you’re in SF.

  2. Niki writes:

    I had a stroke at age 23. My vision is blank from 9 to 12 on the clock. I really identified with this and the putting on a necklace thing. Have you ever read “The Spoon Theory” by Christine Miserandino?

  3. Kelly writes:

    Hi Nina,
    Your blog was posted to Dork I am, I had to come back to your oldest posts. Anyway, I have eye issues with missing spaces due to the eye not working. It has the same effect. The mind pulls in from the entrancement and just extends what is in the space next to it. A real problem if there is something different there!

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