Fake Type

I wrote this post using voice-activated software. If you have only one usable hand, talking to your computer is better than poking at it with a finger. The software takes a while to recognize your voice, but after a while it does the job.

Sometimes, though, it makes silly mistakes.  I told my computer “existential crisis” and it heard “Texas dental crisis.”

7 Responses to “Fake Type”

  1. Katherine writes:

    “Texan dental crisis.” Man, we’ve all been there.

  2. Arleen Leibowitz writes:

    What a terrific website! I see you have your father’s gift (or his archive) for finding great historical photos. Re: voice-activated software, I think that voice-activated software was the culprit in a newsletter post that gave my name as “Arleen Layabout” instead of “Arleen Leibowitz”. So descriptive, yet so wrong!

  3. Elizabeth Gordon writes:

    Love this post. I will be contemplating Texas dental crises all day.

  4. Chris writes:

    A doctor friend of mine got a consult letter describing a patient as presenting with “acute hatred of Malasians”. This was the voice recognition software’s version of “atrial fibrillation”.

  5. Tracy writes:

    Was the software Nuance Dragon? I wonder what the software would think you said if you said “Nuance Dragon” to it?

  6. holly jo writes:

    i love voice dictation software. i have created an entirely new set of cuss words using it.

  7. amy writes:

    When you can’t really speak, this software would be useless. 🙁

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