Hospital I.

Hospital / Wellcome Images

Hospital / Wellcome Images

After my stroke had stabilized, I was transferred to a rehab hospital, to mend. In the neuro ward there were all kinds of patients, evidence of calamities: car accidents, strokes, aneurysms, etc.

My first roommate there was a teenage girl who had tried to shoot herself dead, but missed. She had had brain surgery and had to wear a helmet to protect her skull afterward. While I was there, she was discharged to a nursing home, stuck in a wheelchair for life. There was a pause…

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  1. Andrew writes:

    What was she like as a roommate?

  2. Nina Mitchell writes:

    She was quiet. I was mostly asleep then. A nurse told my family my roommate’s story, which she shouldn’t have for privacy reasons. Much later I heard the story from my roommate herself.

  3. duke writes:

    I had 4 roomates in 5 weeks in rehab.. the first was a motorcycle cop who had gotten hit by a car,, he had knee surgeries and left pretty fast… the second was another retired Marine in his 70s,,, he was also a stroke victim. his right side ans speech were affected,as well as his judgement,,, he had two falls trying to do things by himself while alone.. luckiliy during one my wife was on my side of the room and we heard him and she was able to get him back up ,,, the last one he fell in the bathroom and I had to struggle to reach my call button which the nurse had left out of my reach to call for help for him.. his wife was elderly also and was insisting on taking him home but they ordered him to a nursing facility.. you could see it broke her heart but there was no way she could move, toilrt and feed him by herself. my next roomate was a 22 year old guy who had a minor stroke that somewhat affected his speech. He was already living somewhere in an assited living home for another ailment. he left pretty quickly. the thing i rembember about him was he was constantly asking the staff to bring him juices and sodas. my next roomate was a young guy who had gotten in a motorcycle accident,, while driving his first new bike home from the dealer, he had suffered a broken back and severe head trauma that affected his speech and motor skills, he had been in a coma for several weeks and was being fed through a tube.By the time i left he was talking some and doing some therapy and eating from a last roommate was a dentist who had both knees replaced.he was cool but his wife talked very loud and was always on the phone

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