Lonely / Wellcome Images

Lonely / Wellcome Images

After my brain surgery, I said good-bye to all my friends. I gave up my job. I gave up my apartment. I went to live with my parents, in a different town, in a different state, far away. I did not know people there.

I stayed with my parents for almost two years.

4 Responses to “Lonely”

  1. Shirley Morganstein writes:

    You are invited to join Living Successfully With Aphasia on Facebook. Our group can be found in a facebook search. I appreciate your blog.

  2. Joel Burton writes:

    You always will have friends all over the world, Nina!

  3. Jessica writes:

    We love you Nina! Glad you’re not lonely anymore. xoxoxo -j

  4. Mason B writes:

    I hope you are not as lonely now!

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