Miss Manners and Meat

The Book of Household Management 1861 / Wellcome Images

The Book of Household Management 1861 / Wellcome Images

When I’m on a date at a restaurant, I may want to order a piece of meat — steak, chicken, etc. But I don’t, because cutting meat with one hand is a pain. Miss Manners says, “Asking your date to help you cut up your dinner is bad form.”

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  1. dean r writes:

    Thats why when I go to a restaurant I get fish or pasta. Eating a cold water fish is also good for you.

  2. Linda writes:

    There is a lot to be said for finger foods!
    Not that I think Mc D is a good idea … but one plus is you never need help cutting it.


  3. vivian writes:

    To hell with Miss Manners!

  4. B writes:

    Ask the waiter to cut it for you. My quadraplegic friend regularly does that.

  5. Pita writes:

    To heck with Miss Manners. Anyone willing to cut your food for you without an odd look is worth a second date

  6. » Civil News | Civil Shepherd | Performances of etiquette and civility writes:

    […] To Heck With Miss Manners — Not really, because we’re sure Miss Manners would tell this 26 year-old woman, who lost control of one of her hands after having a stroke, that it is perfectly fine to ask her date to cut up her meat. In fact, we think that’d be a good test of whether or not the date is worth her time. […]

  7. Janice writes:

    Go for Chinese food! Most meat is already cut up into bite-sized pieces 🙂

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