Glamour / Wellcome Images
Glamour / Wellcome Images

Often it is hard to feel glamorous when you are disabled.

Sometimes it is hard to feel glamorous when you are not disabled.

Who feels glamorous?

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  1. Rai writes:

    Somehow you’ve been spying on me haven’t you? Since getting out of hospital a month ago I’ve had to rethink my post stroke wardrobe. (Walking sticks and leg braces are soooo sexy.)

    My physios and OTs have been great with their hints on how to keep wearing “real bra’s”, do makeup, hair and such. It’s been a learning process for us all as their training with stroke survivors tends to be all geriatric and not 24. I’ve had to say goodbye to high heels for the meantime but I don’t see why I can’t be sexy without them. After all vintage clothing (the basis of my wardrobe) is easy enough to tweak to still look glamorous.

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