Mughal Empress / Wellcome Images

Mughal Empress / Wellcome Images

Question: How do you put on a necklace with a complicated clasp, using just one hand?

Answer: Take the necklace to a bead store. Have them put magnets on the ends.


3 Responses to “Bling”

  1. Linda writes:

    That is so clever .. good problem solving! I am going to have to share this with some of my stroke affected friends today. My daughter and I just strung some green cheap beads on a beading elastic so I could have a “pull on” bracelet for St Patrick’s Day.

  2. Linda writes:

    Nina…. everyone loved my homemade green bracelet. I shared these ideas like I said I would, and it looks like there is a high demand for easy to put on jewelery. We now have plans to have a jewelery designing/ making party very soon.

  3. Nina Mitchell writes:

    Glad to hear it. It was my mom’s idea.

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