King Frog / Wellcome Images

King Frog / Wellcome Images

Here are some words that I said right after my stroke.

What I was trying to say: outpatient
What I actually said: amphibian

What I was trying to say: surgery
What I actually said: veterans

What I was trying to say: Dilantin (my seizure medication)
What I actually said: golub jamun (Indian donut)

If the words coming out of your mouth are not what you intend, who’s talking?

More on speech problems and aphasia here:

3 Responses to “Amphibians”

  1. Grace Carpenter writes:

    I love the regal frog.

    When I was at Spaulding, I could remember things like the name of the language that a lot of the nurses spoke (Tagalog) or the intensive Hebrew program my niece was doing (ulpan). But I still struggle with the most familiar words and names, like with “mom,” “dad,” etc.

  2. Janice writes:

    So when you mis-spoke, were you aware of it being the wrong word? Or did you think it was the right word at the time? Or if someone were to repeat back a missed word, would your mind instantly translate it to what you had intended such that you didn’t recognize a wrong word had been used?

  3. Phone Call | Mindpop. writes:

    […] strange words I […]

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