Babies / Wellcome Images

Babies / Wellcome Images

“You are so young!” people say when they find out about my stroke. Miss Manners does not have a good answer to them. “Yes?” “Thank you?” “You are so old?”

But young people’s strokes are increasing:

Strokes are rising dramatically among young and middle-aged Americans while dropping in older people….

Apparently I have lots of young stroke buddies. Put your canes in the air!

12 Responses to “Youth”

  1. Jamie Drew writes:

    I must say, that was my exact reaction when I saw your Hairpin article earlier today. I’m a speech therapy student. It was very unprofessional.

  2. Rebecca D writes:

    I cringe every time I see a 1 year old gripping a french fry in his or her little fist. I had a stroke at 58 but didn’t start eating french fries until I was a teenager.

  3. Magda writes:

    Huh, do they know why strokes are rising? Is it linked to increased heart disease in young people?

  4. Holly Jo writes:

    Let me know when Miss Manners gets back to you, buddy. 🙂

  5. Mike writes:

    Yeah.I hate my stroke because it happened months before my graduation.

  6. Laura writes:

    young stroke buddies? yep. yay.

  7. Schu writes:

    Why not just ignore these people’s pointless outbursts?

  8. Schu writes:

    To clarify, I mean internally. They seem to be getting to you and simply shouldn’t.

  9. duke writes:

    i figure that i get stared at because women love me kids Adore me and men fear me

  10. Suzanne Bélanger writes:

    I got that also. “Do you come here by choice?” at the rehab gym. “you look so young and fit”

  11. emilyr writes:

    Word. When I feel like someone is trying to “poor Emily” me, ugh!

  12. Suzanne de Jong writes:

    Would really like to meet more of you young stroke survivors!

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