Racy Conversations

HIV Ad / Wellcome Images

HIV Ad / Wellcome Images

“If the average person talks about sex 10% of the time,” says my friend Aarti, “you were about 30%.” My conversations right after my stroke were often racy. I don’t remember this period at all.

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  1. Mason B writes:

    Funny, I don’t remember that at all. I remember the wrong words, ut not the sex!

  2. Nina Mitchell writes:

    You obviously came at the wrong time. More friends than just Aarti told me about this.

  3. Magda writes:


  4. as(dc) writes:

    i said this? how funny, i don’t even remember saying that. oh well. i’m trying to think of other ways you’ve changed (per your more recent posts) maybe you do laugh more loudly, and are possibly slightly more assertive. but to the extent that’s happened, i think it’s because you’ve had a re-prioritizing. most of us don’t laugh loudly as often as we’d like, or ask for what we’d like because we’re afraid of what people will think or afraid of drawing attention to ourselves. i think you more than many of us have thought about what’s important in life and, quite wisely, have decided that what other people think/being afraid to draw attention to oneself isn’t as important as many people think it is. so, to the extent some of your behavior has changed (and i really don’t think it’s changed that much) i’ve always assumed it was due to a reprioritzing rather than some changed chemistry or wiring…..

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