Party  / Library of Congress

Party / Library of Congress

At parties I have become very good at concealing my stroke. It’s not because I want to hide it, but I don’t want to explain it in the middle of a party.  Hiding it is not so hard. For one, everyone is standing around tipsy, not moving much. Also, if I’m talking to you and I lock eyes with yours, Western norms dictate that you will not look down if I don’t. You will not see my hand.

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  1. dean r writes:

    How true, but when I walk(lurch) to the bar to get a drink it is definitely visible. Eating or’deourves is a problem because I can’t load up the little plate and hold it in my left hand, so I’m resigned to getting one at a time while I don’t have a drink in my hand. And since it it now graduation party time I’ll get to practice even more.

  2. StopMyStroke writes:

    Thank you for sharing. This gives insight and hopefully encourages reflection on “social norms.”

  3. Lafcadio De La Foret writes:

    I just discovered you.

  4. Rai writes:

    This was the topic of conversation at a girls night last week. My partner holds my “bad” hand by habit these days, just in case my balance fails me so it’s become second nature for both of us to do things one handed. The walking stick is harder to hide though.

  5. Christina writes:

    I love you. So please, always write.

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