Strongman / Library of Congress

Strongman / Library of Congress

After a stroke, some muscles may become unable to relax.
This is called tone or spasticity (spastic-ity). I call it %@2S/T!

A spastic biceps (big arm muscle) might always be “on,” always bent up. The arm cannot straighten. It is annoying to have an arm bent all the time. It also gets really sore.

For awhile, until it was calmed down with stretching, strengthening of the opposite muscle, poison injections and luck, I had a really butch biceps on my stroke side.  Flex my stroke biceps and it looked like that of a strongman.

I am happy to report that I am back to my wimpy self.

4 Responses to “Butch”

  1. dean reinke writes:

    I wish I could say the same, spasticity is my biggest bugaboo. And as a guy its rather depressing that my hand bangs into my crotch as I walk.

  2. Beth writes:

    I wish I could get some relief from the spasticity as well. I have it in both my arm and leg. I’ve tried botox, muscle relaxers, and PT. Waiting for a little luck to come my way.

  3. Kelly writes:

    Hi  I I’m Kelly Rand and I can relate. I had a stroke at the end of last year and that happened when I was 24. It had been 9 month since and I still don’t feel like my self, so I can relate to your story.

  4. Suzanne Bélanger writes:

    I have a spastic bicep too. Stretching helps but I have to do it many many times a day, also heat pad helps relaxing it. will be trying botox in december. Hope this will get better soon

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