Fireworks / Library of Congress

Fireworks / Library of Congress

I had my brain surgery at the end of June. The night of July 4th, I watched the Independence Day fireworks from the roof deck of the hospital. The display seemed to go on forever. In reality, it was just a few minutes. My sense of time was changed.

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  1. Mike writes:

    Yes.Me too.Ifeel like I lost my internal clock.I have trouble waking up early.

  2. Grace writes:

    Trauma compressed time for me. What happened twenty years ago today becomes as real as what happens this very day. My mind is replete with highway historical markers.

    Happy anniversary. (So glad you’re here).

  3. Jerry writes:

    Hi Nina-
    I am a fellow stroke survivor and think your blog is an inspiration to us all. I hope that July 2012 will find you much improved.

    Best regards,

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