Poodle Manners

Well-Dressed / Library of Congress

Well-Dressed / Library of Congress

At a party I attended, there was a lady carrying a poodle. The poodle was white and wearing a pearl necklace. The lady did not let the poodle’s feet touch the ground.

She clearly did not see my disability. At one point, she asked me to cut up a pickle into four pieces… for the poodle. She said she couldn’t cut because she only had one hand, since the poodle was in the other.

Amused, I cut up the pickle. I handed her back a plate with four pieces on it. Then I said, “I only have one hand too!” and smiled pleasantly while pointing at my stroke arm.

She felt bad.

The poodle didn’t care.

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  1. Cindy Butler writes:

    It’d be hard to choose a favorite post of yours, but this is a solid contender. Lovely as always!

  2. Linda writes:

    I love this post. Pears really? You go to more interesting parties than I do! lol

  3. Linda writes:

    Sorry typing error.. PEARLS!

  4. Chris writes:


  5. duke writes:


  6. Francis Lindsay writes:

    Did the Poodle eat the pickle?

  7. Andrea writes:

    LOVE this.

  8. duke writes:

    Another awkward dog story. When I first got home from the hospital I would go to the park with my family and practice walking with my walker and quadcane. Since my stamina was pretty low and I was shaky I would always have my wheelchair behind me so I could take frequent rests. During one of these rests a lady with a very large and aggressive looking dog walked by and the dog was very curious and pulled the owner towards me. Like so many dogs he was just a big lovable brute, so I reached out and started rubbing hid head and petting him. The lady, thinking the dog had scared me kept apoligizing profusely .. So I told her” That’s okay, he probably just thought I was meals on wheels”

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