Bad Youth

Youth / Library of Congress

Youth / Library of Congress

The Centers for Disease Control is reporting a jump in young stroke patients. They found high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and tobacco use in these younger patients. Bad youth.

5 Responses to “Bad Youth”

  1. Rai writes:

    I wish I knew what caused my stroke even if it was one of those. A year on they only have theories.

  2. Nina Mitchell writes:

    It is also true that for a significant number of young strokes, doctors do not know the exact cause.

  3. Beth writes:

    i was fortunate in that I had a hematologist who would not give up until he found a cause. It took several months, but it was finally determined I had a clotting disorder and a hole in my heart (PFO). Doesn’t change what happened, but it gave me some closure in knowing why.

  4. holly jo writes:

    “Cryptogenic” is the term doctors use to describe the [unknown] causes of mine. Sounds sneaky.

  5. duke writes:

    I hear of a lot of young women who have strokes due to birth control.

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