Hospital Food

Lunch / Library of Congress

Lunch / Library of Congress

The inpatient hospital food was such that my mother brought hummus sandwiches to my bedside for lunch every day.

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  1. Emma Glover writes:

    It was disgusting. They served us liver and onions evry 2nd or 3rd Thursday at AHP. I ordered pizza in instead!!

  2. Elisha writes:

    I was spoiled by family and friends with home made food for my whole inpatient stay. Nothing like stroke and the subsequent weight loss to get people baking for you

  3. Linda writes:

    Hummus sandwiches? Does not sound like one of my choices but I’m glad your mom was there to bring you lunch.

  4. Suzanne BĂ©langer writes:

    the food at the hospital wasn’t to bad but the portions were way to small, never enough food on my plate. My friends and familly would bring me soup or take me out to snack bar every day. Some days I would eat both the restaurant food and wathever was good on my hospital platter. Some times I would ask for double portions of the things I liked and they gave it to me.

  5. Liza writes:

    When I was in rehab, it seemed every meal consisted of either greens(which I hate)or cabbage soup, which had large chunks of hard cabbage and very few other vegetables. I lost 35 pounds in 2 months.

  6. Neil writes:

    Awesome post.

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