Front Crawl / Library of Congress

Front Crawl / Library of Congress

At the gym, I invented an exercise. Lying face down on a gym bench, I practice moving my arms in wide circles, like freestyle swimming. When I started, I couldn’t lift my stroke arm up behind my body. Now it goes all the way around.

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  1. duke writes:

    Thats super.. I have ended up coming up with some of my own stretches and exercises too.. basically i try to make my left side(stroke side) do what my right side can do.

  2. dean reinke writes:

    The only way I can windmill my bad arm is to put the handle of my cane in my bad hand and use my good arm to push my arm in a circle at my side and over my head. Going backwards takes most of my strength to counteract my spasticity. At the gym I grab a handled medicine ball and just swing in back and forth at my side. So far it doesn’t get anywhere close to my shoulder height. I want to be able to make cowboy coffee with my bad arm.

  3. Mike writes:

    I had a subluxation nthat left me with contractures all over my shoulder.It’s frustrating to fix the shoulder .It affects the wrist ant feels there’s a long rubber band ffom the shoulder up to the fingers.that pulls the muscles and ligaments toward the shoulder.

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