Dancer / Library of Congress

Dancer / Library of Congress

I dance funny because of my stroke. My right side doesn’t move as well as my left. That’s OK. Dance!

5 Responses to “Dance”

  1. kent writes:

    Hey, I’m theoretically ‘able-bodied’ whatever that means, and I dance like crap. still love to do it. would be honored to dance with you in the unlikely event we ever meet.

  2. El Guapo writes:

    Always good to dance.

  3. Linda writes:

    I tend to dance in a circle around my weak left leg. Dance partners have to know better than to try and lead!

  4. Mike Blanchard writes:

    Beat me to it Linda but mine is the right side. That would be weird. Me leading right, you leading left…I seriously LOLed picturing it. Ha

  5. Jackie writes:

    Find yourself a movement specialist – someone who shows you how to move the way your brain learns. Feldenkrais is potentially the most powerful, depending on the practitioner, but I hear Alexander is good too.
    I have one client who is larning how to mvoe after a massive stroke 30 years ago. It’s never too late.

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