Airports / Library of Congress

Airports / Library of Congress

Getting your stroke paraphernalia through airport security is exasperating. Some X-ray personnel are very concerned about my hand brace, because I might be a stroke terrorist. A Salt Lake City staffer took out my brace and X-rayed it separately, staring at it on a monitor. Washington D.C. security personnel didn’t care. I don’t look menacing there, apparently.

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  1. dean r writes:

    They really disliked the time I carried a Leki walking staff thru the security lines

  2. barbara writes:

    after I explained my disability to one guy, he asked me to raise my arms for the X-ray. or “do the best I could.” What can an X-ray show with my arms raised that it can’t with my arms down?

  3. xina writes:

    At the age of 35 (I am now 40) I was diagnosed with a progressive, degenerative, neuromuscular disease. I had to leave my life in Seattle and move home with my mother in upstate New York. When I travel to Seattle (once every two years) the ordeal I have to go through at the airport is so ridiculous. I wear AFO braces on both legs, walk with a four wheeled walker (and cannot walk through the machine without it or stand for the big X-Ray machine). So they take me aside and they pat me down by hand and they run bomb sniffing pads over my braces and they take my walker and my CPAP machine and put them in a separate bomb sniffing x-ray machine. I remind them (gently, since I don’t want them to say I am non-cooperative and therefore cannot get on the plane) that being disabled does not make me a criminal. It deeply saddens every time I have to go through it. I guess I should just be happy they don’t consider my incontinence pads a danger. I was horrified when I read they made an elderly woman remove her soiled diaper while going through airport security (in a wheelchair).

  4. Amy writes:

    a stroke terrorist, hahahaha

  5. Do not | Mindpop. writes:

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