Time over Paris / Library of Congress

Time over Paris / Library of Congress

When I was living with my parents right after my stroke, their house was a sad place. I felt terribly contained and watched. Now that I am on my own again, when I visit their house, it seems like a happy place. Who has changed? Me? My parents? The house? Time?

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  1. barbara writes:

    I don’t think your post-stroke impression of your parents’ house was correct. all of us are restrained and constrained until we can prove they have retrained us to do their will, not our own. my guess is that both your heart and your expectations changed. mine did.

  2. Time II | Mindpop. writes:

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  3. RussB. writes:

    i findabout time:
    post medical Event’ Stroke only_46(no…prior history)
    with delivery time;i over _estimate:pre waiting
    estimating too far in advance for knocks on my door
    time:is a hurdle
    large-challenge to time just correct..notan issue _Pre event

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