The Rack

The Rack / Library of Congress

The Rack / Library of Congress

Muscles that don’t get used properly over time become short and less supple. Much of my therapy tries to stretch them back out again, with therapists yanking or braces pulling. Some of my devices seem like The Rack. Stretch….Creak….Ow!

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  1. kent writes:

    It’s curious — you post these little gnomic meditations on the life your stroke has given you, and I’m sometimes filled with what feels like a profound sense of empathy for the ways in which you’ve suffered.

    Even though I’ve never met you, don’t know anything about you besides what you’ve posted here (and the article in the Atlantic), there’s a ‘you’ I feel I know well, even as I know I don’t know you at all. I think it means you’re very good at this, whatever ‘this’ is — something that no one even imagined 20 years ago.

    I think that good art is that which gives the person seeing/hearing/reading it a feeling of the peculiar individuality of the artists. Shut as we are in the prison of our own mind, art is the meeting of two impulses: for the artist to be known, and for the patron (for lack of a better word) to know. It is a powerful drive on both parts to connect.

    If I’m right about art, then, I think you’re winning at it.

    But anyway, as the Quakers say, I’m holding you in the light. Keep struggling — people care, people you never even met.

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