Snow / Wellcome Images

Snow / Wellcome Images

I fell tonight, on the slippery planks in front of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. It was rain that turned to ice. Hey, ICA, put salt on your damn walkways! Boom!

Last winter I had no falls. See here. Tonight my boyfriend helped me up. Someone passed me my purse, which had departed. My red hat flew away and landed in a puddle. It is no fun being horizontal.


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  1. seanwilliams writes:

    Today I took the train to Ruggles station(NEU) 10AM and realized if it had been freezing then, I would never have made the walk to the museum of fine arts.is that left sided neglect?

  2. Liz writes:

    There is nothing more horrible than falling. Always seems to happen after a few good days.

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