Pass / Library of Congress

Pass / Library of Congress

I passed my driving test today – again. I had not driven because of my stroke for awhile. Now I can drive again. Clear the roads!

My evaluator was a man known as Big Peter. He was very large. Apparently, in his spare time he is a preacher. After he passed me, I told him that it was his good deed of the day.

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  1. Billy Ethridge writes:


  2. Joe Foell writes:

    Congratulations! It’s good be on the wheels! I just passed my driving test on last Tuesday – 2/26/13. I got my own mind-popped on 12/31/12. Has a stroked, it was apparently bad, what I was ‘lucky’ in than I was though surgery in 2 or 3 hours after the stroke. I’ve not bad physical problems, though the language skills have been a mess.

    My Speech Therapy (who showed me the blog) as helped me at lot. I haven’t read must of your blog yet, but I would like to. Thank you for sharing your process. It’s good to have follow with someone on the road I’m on.



  3. Kent Williams writes:

    Congratulations. Remember that despite whatever challenges you face as a driver as a result of your stroke, there are plenty of completely terrible drivers whose brains are completely un-lesioned. I’m more worried about you getting hit by them than I am that you’ll cause any problems.

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