Encouraging / Library of Congress

Encouraging / Library of Congress

Hey therapists, be encouraging to your patients. Most of my therapists have been. Some have not. I left.

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  1. kent writes:

    I have had a few bouts of physical therapy, and my impression of the people I worked with mirrors my impression of nurses: The people who are in daily constant contact with patients have a genuine desire to help people, and are as much cheerleaders for the patient as technical caregivers.

    If I’d had more encounters I might have a less uniformly positive impression. But I work in a hospital and I’m constantly struck by the sincerity and sweetness of the patient care staff. I think that if you don’t feel rewarded by helping patients, you’d burn out pretty quickly.

    Not so positive about doctors. There are some very good ones, but there are a lot of socially backward savants and arrogant bullies. Doctors grow up being the smartest person in the room, and for some that is expressed in ego, in others a hyper-intellectual estrangement from patients.

    And, come the revolution, the hospital administrators will be strung up on the hospital gates. I’m sure they occasionally do something worthwhile, but it’s usually invisible to me. My interface with them is a series of Kafka-esque e-mail memos about pointless bullshit.

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