Dancer with Heels / Library of Congress

Dancer with Heels / Library of Congress

I wish I could wear fashionable high heels now. I can wear little heels, but not high. Stilettos would send me flying. Of course, I never wore stilettos before my stroke. But that’s not the point. It was nice to have the option.

Do you miss fashionable things?

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  1. Marcelle writes:

    More than anything, I miss cute shoes. I tried a very small heel, open-toe sandal for my sister’s wedding — three years post-stroke, and I couldn’t do it. I also miss my 501 jeans — well, any pants with buttons or zippers, really.

  2. Elizabeth writes:

    YES, I miss the shoes!!! I finally just cleaned out my shoe closet last week…almost 3 years recovered. I still hope to get better, so I put all the ones I can’t wear yet in the attic…I just couldn’t bring myself to “accepting” that I may never wear them again.

  3. Emma writes:

    Yes! I wear an AFO so can only wear runners. I get jealous of those running around in flip flops in the summer months!

  4. Julia writes:

    I do miss fashion, but it’s more in theory than fact since I never wore high heels or dressed up much. I wear sneakers all the time like many other survivors out there, but what I really miss are my Dansko clogs. I have them in every style and color and I hope to get back into them again someday. Hue jeans leggings are a reasonably good substitute for jeans, but I do miss my jeans. My biggest clothing problems though aren’t fashion related. I can’t zip up my winter coat or put a glove on my affected hand so I’m pretty much stuck inside in the winter unless I have help. I’ve been looking for a down parka that buttons, but nothing found so far.

  5. Tom Willett writes:

    When my Dad, a former clothes horse, had a stroke, I think he secretly was relieved to shed the jackets and ties and spend most days in his new “uni,” a comfortable jogging suit. Low fashion, high comfort.

  6. Kim writes:

    Before my stroke I wore 4-5 inch platform heels all the time even in my 9th month of pregnancy. At 5’3″ I was determined to wear them again. 4 months after learning to walk again post stroke I wore 4inch peep toe platform heels out for an evening. Practice, practice practice. The platform or a wedge make a big difference. Don’t give up any of your dreams ladies big or small.

  7. Suzanne writes:

    Yessss i Miss wearing them too :(:(:( pretty sure we would look absolutely amasing. Too Pretty to handle, So no worries. It is all for the best šŸ˜‰

  8. Christina writes:

    Oh I do miss wearing my beautiful shoes. I didn’t have a stroke but I have neurological damage related to radiation treatments for cancer. My heels gave me power. I would strut about and feel so pretty. I would step into a conference room and feel confident. I miss that. I can’t capture that feeling in flats. I have held on to a couple of pairs. My condition is progressive so if one day I find myself in a wheelchair I’ll be able to wear my heels again. : )

  9. Heels | Mindpop. writes:

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  10. Barb polan writes:

    I miss cute shoes the most. My daughter’s wedding is two weeks away, and I’ve purchased a few great-looking, sparkly flats, but my heel turns out of them. I have finally settled on a pair of silver metallic Vans. Goofy-looking, but maybe they’ll come across as hipster.

  11. Revayi writes:

    I miss heels too am 2 years post stroke but am not giving up on heels

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