Gentry Bros. Circus / Library of Congress

Gentry Bros. Circus / Library of Congress

I was asked to write a foreword for a medical book about strokes. So I did. One of my pieces of advice was to have adventures and fun while you are doing hours and hours of rehab exercises. Adventures and fun keep you sane.

Any other good tips?

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  1. Roy Stone writes:

    I think walking dogs would be fun for me. Especially if I was able to go over to the SPCA and pick out my favorites to befriend.

  2. Dean writes:

    Video games like stomping cockroaches unless maybe you have a phobia about that. Although that might be even more incentive to do your rehab because you have roaches to kill.

  3. Jennie writes:


    I stumbled upon your site after initially looking for a support group for people that had suffered strokes in their twenties. I am twenty six and just had a stroke while pregnant. It has been nice to be able to browse through your site. Thank you!

  4. Magda writes:

    Cool gig! My post-stroke dog seems to enjoy dragging his bed to different parts of the apartment, his version of adventure I suppose

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