Oh well…

Use the Library / Library of Congress

Use the Library / Library of Congress

Oh well….apparently your brain starts declining in cognitive functions starting at age 24. Over the hill am I…study. However, when I was 24, I didn’t have a clue, despite my sparkling cognitive abilities.

Maybe I should listen to the advice in the above poster.

What do you think?

2 Responses to “Oh well…”

  1. Dean writes:

    I use the library to catch up on movies that I missed while sleepwalking thru my previous life.

  2. Richard writes:

    So I suppose I am WAY over the hill, but still love the Library… take my kiddoes pretty much weekly. True they love audio books more than the ‘real deal’ but it’s the story telling that hooks us. Keep on keeping on Nina! Again so enjoyed your story this afternoon on The Moth!

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