Radio Girl / Library of Congress

Radio Girl / Library of Congress

I am on national radio this week! It’s TheMoth, the cool US storytelling radio show. I tell the story of me sneaking out of a hospital after brain surgery to go to a party. Hear me here. Or, if you are in the US, it’s on your local NPR station this week.

15 Responses to “TheMoth”

  1. El Guapo writes:

    Fantastic! Great talk!

  2. Roy Stone writes:

    Thanks for sharing. If you pay attention you will discover more personalities. This is a good thing as the different personalities have various talents that can be useful.

  3. GZ writes:

    I loved your story. In 2007 I was in a car accident and walked away with a distributed brain injury. Sometimes it’s hard to reconcile the old me with the new me.

    I’ve done pretty well with it. I lost math, short term memory, following complex verbal instructions and any sense of historical time, but everyone says I am so much nicer. 🙂

    You are so lucky to remember the fun things you said. I know I said a lot of strange things but no one remembers them.

    I’ve wanted to share my experience for anyone it can help but haven’t yet. Thank you for sharing yours. Do feel free to email me.

  4. Richard writes:

    Wow! What an absolutely amazing talk on the moth! I am very happy for you & delighted to hear that you’re “back” mostly anyway and your hubby must be a very lucky gent indeed! p.s. you’re friends who ‘broke you out’ of the hospital are my kind of folks! Good on you! And very glad you never got your enema… Good thing the nurse was listening!!

  5. Shervin writes:

    Hi Nina! I am currently listening to this on WBUR’s broadcast of the Moth, I had just randomly tuned in and to my delight I hear your voice. It’s always a treat to hear you speak, can’t believe it’s been 3 years since SMG, hope you’re well!

  6. Bob Baril writes:

    I am a regular listener of The Moth. I loved your story! Great job. Best regards.

  7. Claudine writes:

    When you said “I have a magic uterus” I laughed out loud . . .thank you for sharing your fabulous story. Best wishes!

  8. patti writes:

    I just finished listening to your story and am compelled to communicate to you how compelling your talk was to me. Thank you! I have had no experience similiar to yours yet felt intimately involved with and connected to you through your sharing through your voice. Very powerful. Thanks again and I am very happy you have met someone to share your life with.

  9. Chris writes:

    I heard your story on The Moth last night, and I want to thank you for sharing it. You do not know me, but I remember you as an evening regular at Hemenway gym in 2007-08. I was dealing with some of my own medical issues at the time, and I drew a great deal of inspiration from your obvious perseverance.

    After reading your blog, I also want to apologize for sometimes staring at you during your workout. You probably noticed a few times. For what it’s worth, I never stared at you because of your gait or hand, but because you are a striking, attractive woman, with a unique kind of beauty. Your husband is a very lucky guy.

  10. Grace Carpenter writes:

    I loved it!

  11. Denise Hawkins writes:

    Hi Nina,
    I listen to the Moth podcast and just finished listening to your story. I too had a stroke – a brain hemorrhage, in my right brain. I was 42 and at the peak of my physical condition. The blood flowed right down my motor cortex, so most of my affects have been physical; my left side. I really enjoyed your sense of humor in the story you told! Your recovery is a victory for all of us stroke survivors! I wish you well. I’d like to share my story with you too; it’s much easier for me to write than to speak publicly (I never had speech problems like you describe but the words still stick sometimes!). The story of my stroke is here: and I also wrote about getting back on my bike:
    Thank you so much for sharing your triumph!!

  12. Ashini writes:

    Loved your story and attitude!

  13. 2ra writes:

    Hi, Just listened to your talk via TheMoth and came by for a quick visit. I recently attended a TEDx event and I viewed a talk by Jane McGonigal who had a brain injury and created a game to help herself heal. (you may have come across her talk before, but if you have not, I recommend it I admire both of you and the attitude you took to make the best of a scary/difficult situation. Thank you for sharing your story! Best wishes!

  14. Leaving Mediocrity writes:

    I found The Moth podcast about a week ago and I just heard your story today. It was fantastic. When you talked about the only way out of the situation was to act like you couldn’t understand anything he was saying… I had to sit at the stop sign and finish laughing before I could safely keep driving. Much to the annoyance of the car behind me. Great story and thanks for sharing.

  15. Christina writes:

    Thanks for sharing your story! I have never had a stroke but lots of cancer stuff and migraines which can do weird things. I related to your hospital break out story and I am so happy that you found love.

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