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Girl in Arms / Library of Congress

Girl in Arms / Library of Congress

After my stroke, my words were wacked. I meant to say “occupation” and it came out “Amazon.”

Here are some more strange words I said.

Do you have strange mis-speaks to report?

Time II

Clock Lady / Wellcome Images

Clock Lady / Wellcome Images

I got a call from a fellow stroke victim, one who had her stroke recently. She wanted to know about Botox, which doctors sometimes inject into stroke limbs that aren’t behaving. I had had the treatment.

“What does it feel like?” she asked.

“Like an injection,” I said.

She sounded nervous.

“Look,” I said, “If your doctor does a bad job, it leaves your system in about three months.”

“Three months!” she said, astounded.

Suddenly I realized how different our concepts of time were. Stroke veterans think three months is a blink of an eye. Newbies don’t.

Has your concept of time shifted?

Other Time issues….


Spectacles / Library of Congress

Spectacles / Library of Congress

A stroke can disrupt your reading, called alexia. The term was coined by neurologist Joseph Jules Dejerine in the late 19th century. He was introduced to patient “Monsieur C.” The patient was a wealthy, cultivated textile merchant, who had a stroke. Soon after, he discovered he could not read, although he could speak and write normally. Monsieur C. could even read music — not the lyrics, but the musical notation.

Read more brain history here.  Do any of you have alexia?


Attention / Library of Congress

Attention / Library of Congress

Were any of you prescribed concentration drugs? I was on one for awhile: a “wakefulness” drug. One morning, I took my first dose. An hour later, I was, well, zippy.

This was a very odd feeling. It felt like someone else has taken over my being. Someone who was more efficient than I was and had no need for pauses. In the background was the beat of a giant drum in a marching band.

I don’t take these drugs anymore. It feels too artificial and strange. Plus, I concentrate better now.

Do you have concentration stories?


Write / Library of Congress

Write / Library of Congress

I wrote my name with my stroke hand! I used a magic marker and wrote in big cursive letters, but it was legible. This is the first time I’ve written using my right hand since my stroke. Progress!

Any other progress stories?