Write / Library of Congress

Write / Library of Congress

I wrote my name with my stroke hand! I used a magic marker and wrote in big cursive letters, but it was legible. This is the first time I’ve written using my right hand since my stroke. Progress!

Any other progress stories?

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  1. Roy Stone writes:

    Isn’t it amazing how resilient the body is with the right physical therapy and a good attitude. Congratulations.

  2. Gz writes:

    That’s great news!

    The first time I was able to hold three multi-digit numbers in my working memory and act on them was a big celebration. I think I told everyone I knew.

    It was years after the accident that I was able to hold 10 single digits in my short term memory. Right after the accident I was down to three consistent and sometimes 4.

    Im still making progress. I dont think there is a limit to the recovery window. I think you just have to keep working in any area you show progress. Other area you keep trying till you find what works.

  3. John Lightner writes:

    Way to GO !!!!! CONGRATULATION
    That is a great achievement, keep working

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