Attention / Library of Congress

Attention / Library of Congress

Were any of you prescribed concentration drugs? I was on one for awhile: a “wakefulness” drug. One morning, I took my first dose. An hour later, I was, well, zippy.

This was a very odd feeling. It felt like someone else has taken over my being. Someone who was more efficient than I was and had no need for pauses. In the background was the beat of a giant drum in a marching band.

I don’t take these drugs anymore. It feels too artificial and strange. Plus, I concentrate better now.

Do you have concentration stories?

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  1. Roy Stone writes:

    I thought I had narcolepsy so I got a doctor to prescribe me Provigil. It was just like you described. I only took part of the prescription. I too felt it was artificial and strange. I don’t like having a prescription drug dictate how I feel. Come to find out what was wrong with me was my body was out of alignment and it affected my breathing and circulation in a depressed way.This put my body into a panic. The narcolepsy was my body’s response to this emergency. With physical therapy and learning how to stretch and relax certain muscles I got back okay.

  2. Emma writes:

    Yes, they put me on something to get me going in the mornings and help me focus. Don’t remember what it was called but no longer on it. Still have trouble getting up and going in the mornings but think my focus has improved.

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