Girl in Arms / Library of Congress

Girl in Arms / Library of Congress

After my stroke, my words were wacked. I meant to say “occupation” and it came out “Amazon.”

Here are some more strange words I said.

Do you have strange mis-speaks to report?

3 Responses to “Amazon”

  1. Billy Ethridge writes:

    One of my many mis-speaks happened in a discussion with my long term care facility roommate. I was trying to say I liked the exact sentence he used. What I said was that I loved his “sausage” (to his great laughter.)

  2. Jo Murphey writes:

    I would say imagine instead of think. I still confuse pronouns in speech. My grandsons always remind me that they are not girls.

  3. GZ writes:

    Almost to my seven year anniversary. I still get words wrong. I hear them come out incorrectly. I used to laugh when it happened in a terrible and morose way but now I’m used to it. I just correct it.

    Sometimes it’s funny but mostly it’s just a random word that might share a phonetic relationship to the original word but not the first phonic sound, often it matches in the middle.

    Whats more strange though is the why of it. Why does it happen once every few weeks vs every sentence or every word? It was far more frequent so it might fully go away. It also seems to happen more when I have to speak more often, so perhaps it’s just a continuous random chance and when I speak less I’m just not having the opportunity to make the mistake.

    Like Jo, I do the pronoun swap too, just waiting to do it to the wrong person at the wrong time and get into real trouble.

    Whats worse though is the lost word. We’ve all had that “on the tip of my tongue” moment. But now its a regular part of my life. I will want to say something like “stroller” but I have to say “baby in it, has wheels, you push it.” Yes, living with me is like being a contestant on Jeopardy all the time.

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