Bathers / Library of Congress

Bathers / Library of Congress

We are going on a beach holiday to Martha’s Vineyard later this summer. Apparently President Obama thought this was a brilliant idea and will be there too. Then it turned out Hillary Clinton will also be there. I have good ideas.

Anyone else going somewhere splendid?

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  1. Gz writes:

    Was just standing on the fine sands of the gulf of mexico. Would love to see the Perseids but they are obscured by city lights. The water is amazingly warm.

    The beach is nearly deserted. Not much more you could ask for.

  2. Jerry writes:

    After spending 3 weeks with 4 young grandchildren, I am going home, put my feet up, and listen to a book on tape. A splendid place to be.

  3. xina writes:

    Seaside, Oregon and I can’t wait!

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