Visitors / Wellcome Images

Visitors / Wellcome Images

At the hospital, I was friendly. When a visitor asked me what she could do for me, I told her to go out on the town, have a good time and report back.

My mother said I was more polite in the hospital than out.

At a hospital, are you friendly? Ornery?

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  1. Emma writes:

    I was a good patient except first thing in the morning. Sleep is the bain of my brain injured life so they had endless nursing aids stream in the mornings to make me get out of bed every day!!

  2. GZ writes:

    Friendly and grateful. I just had a chance to find out first hand.

    As I close in on the 7 year mark I got to have another lovely traffic accident. Rear ended by two SUVs. All I could think about was brain injury. The fear of losing more.

    I’ve been hyper vigilant in the days since. Monitoring my every action and word. Am I saying things different? Thinking different? Is my vision more blurry? I think maybe so on the last one.

    The issue is of course, how accurate can a damaged system monitor a damaged system for more damage?

    Time will tell.

  3. suzanne writes:

    Let me think… Yes i thought i was polite, but then a very close friend told me i was very sarcastic (after my brain surgery) to the hospital staff in the beginning. I thought i was just being honoust.. In the rehabilitation centre i was very thankfull to the staff according to my husband and my mother in law. That’s how i see it too 🙂 things are getting more normal in time. Sometimes I just have to remind myself how thankfull i must be. That’s what i always do when i feel bad about something. I don’t take things for granted any more. I feel blessed more eventhough i am disabled because of my brain hemmorhage at 28. Some (body)functions has been damaged but my mind has opened in so many ways, to a new way of living. I am enjoying life more then ever now. All the best!

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