Skinny / Wellcome Images

Skinny / Wellcome Images

At the hospital I lost about 20 pounds in a month. The hospital food didn’t help. I gained some of it back afterward but was still skinny. I was just not very hungry.

Did a hospital stay leave you skinny? Plump?

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  1. Emma writes:

    Hospital food should not be called food!!!! I lost a stupid amount of weight in hospital. Got no numbers for you. Then I gained it all back and then some after discharging cuz I found the treats display at Starbucks. I am still trying to lose weight but it’s a very slow process cuz I don ‘t go fast enough to burn good cardio. I no longer eat the treats at Starbucks! I have totally altered my eating habits. Soooo frustrating!!

  2. Amy writes:

    Skinny. I tell everyone I know who wants to lose weight that strokes are great for weight loss!

  3. Cheryl writes:

    TBI nausea made me skinny! I couldn’t stand to eat for about five months. Weird, though, because after I started eating normally, it still took nearly 3 years to gain the weight back.

  4. Elizabeth writes:

    I lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks which left me under 100lbs. They cut my jaw muscle for the surgery so i couldnt open my mouth or chew, and I was super nauseous and vomiting constantly. It was horrible!! It took 3 years and a pregnancy to get back to my former weight.

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