Car / Library of Congress

Car / Library of Congress

We got a new car. Our old one was tiny, speedy and cute. This new one is safe and boring. A bigger car takes some getting used to, especially parking on Boston’s crowded streets.

I needed to get the new car modified for a disabled driver. Last time it took over a month. This time it took a day. Progress!

Any disabled drivers out there? Good stories?

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  1. Marie writes:

    So weird that you put this out today! Tomorrow I have my adaptive driving evaluation to see I’m able to start driving again, and how. If all goes well, we will be car shopping this weekend.

    Looking into getting a small SUV. I don’t think I’d be comfortable driving a large van or car again.

  2. Emma writes:

    Hey! Be happy you can drive! I have left visual neglect from my injury so can’t get my license back. I don’t miss the act of driving but I miss the freedom to go where I want when I want! A good friend of mine has ALS and so far has lost the use of his legs. He got his truck modified for hand controls so can still drive. Expensive but worth it!

  3. Stephany writes:

    We got both cars done a day at a time…what a great change it was! (Even if, after his only driving “lesson” in the parking lot, he drove up over a cement block and nearly into the window of a restaurant we went to for celebrating). His SUV backs up well over that same block, although I don’t think the restaurant owner will ever be quite the same.

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