Pregnant / Wellcome Images

Pregnant / Wellcome Images

Baby! My husband and I are very excited.

I assumed that because of my stroke history, pregnancy would be horrendous. But no. It has been fine.

The stroke/pregnant crowd is rather small.

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  1. EG writes:

    Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed this blog for a long time and wish you the best.

  2. John Lightner writes:

    The best to you and yours.
    Great news and good luck

  3. Natalie L. writes:

    Congratulations! Best wishes for a safe and healthy pregnancy culminating in healthy mama and baby!

  4. Emma writes:


  5. Elizabeth writes:

    Congratulations!! Yes the stroke pregnancy world is very small. My pregnancy and baby are perfect though!! Best wishes, babies are the BEST!!

  6. Beverley writes:

    Congratulations !!! All the best to you and your husband and the baby.

  7. QoB writes:

    Congratulations – what lovely news!

    That painting is in the permanent upstairs display in the Wellcome building in London. Life-size. It’s quite something if you ever are over this way!

  8. sharon writes:

    I too, have followed you for years, and am thrilled for your news. I work with cancer patients, and my brother has CP, and so many of your issues are faced by them as well. I appreciate your take on life and the knowledge and education you share with all of us. Keep the great posts and amazing artwork coming!

  9. Doll | Mindpop. writes:

    […] my rehab hospital, therapists congratulated me on my pregnancy and immediately started getting me physically ready to carry a squirmy kid […]

  10. GZ writes:

    This is great news!
    After my brain injury I adopted two teen girls. Not quite the same thing, but it probably happened at the right time.


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