Dance / Library of Congress

Dance / Library of Congress

There is an administrator at the rehab hospital who wears sky-high heels. She said she would teach me how to walk in superhigh heels when I was ready. Soon…..

Do you have fashion goals?

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  1. Tamara writes:

    Before my brain exploded I used to wear sky-high heels every day. I could even run in them. I was devastated when I got an AFO in rehab and a physio told me I could wear heels alone sitting in a wheelchair. How pointless. Heels are supposed to alter your posture. I hope to improve so much more after I loose the high tone in my affected leg. One day I will be ready (just don’t know when that is going to be)

  2. Emma glover writes:

    I have zero desire to wear heels. Never did pre injury and certainly can’t now as I wear an AFO. But I would really like the option to wear more than runners!

  3. suzanne writes:

    No high heels for me.

  4. Elizabeth writes:

    Yes, I love “tall/high” heels. I’m only 5’3″and have always worn heels. I mostly wear wedges because they’re easier, but I couldn’t wear them for awhile. I can now wear wedges as long as they have a strap. If no strap, my affected side shoe falls off with every step….its aggravating but I’m lucky to walk as well as I do. I couldn’t part with all my cute shoes without straps so I put them in the attic for now. But it does get harder to chase kids around in high shoes anyways. With my baby now walking, I’m guessing I’ll be back to flats for a few years again.

  5. Marta Szwaya writes:

    Tamara, never fear, you can lose the AFO I no longer wear mine, ninot in heels yet, but can wear regular shoes now; it opened up a world of choices to me. Most importantly I figure that If I’ve made this much progress, I can make more; it just takes time…pay attention to what your body is telling you. It will say when. Marta

  6. Tamara writes:

    I’m not wearing an AFO anymore, but orthopaedic shoes to correct my spastic left foot. They remind me of the nineties and my grunge days. I also felt very ugly back then, but I boosted my image and finally looked great. My body feels paralysed by fear. Tomorrow I’m going to try another therapy: body stress release. Hopefully that helps to remove some stress out of my body. I’m just so angry and frustrated. I’m typing with 1 hand and make typos all the time which I have to correct.

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