Device II

Device / Library of Congress

Device / Library of Congress

I have been using my electronic hand device for 2 hours a day for a couple of months now. My Occupational Therapist sees a difference in my hand and fingers. Me too. Science research says half a year more for me to have big active changes in my hand. Patience of Job.

Got deathly dull therapy?

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  1. Emma writes:

    My left hand ws the hardest part of me to rehab. I played crib and Connect 4 with it and did Constraint Induced Movement Therapy. I was determined and diligent all the while disliking my Occupational Therapist. Now it’s functional and I use it although I’d never use leftie to give you a hot cup of coffee! Keep at it!!!

  2. Robot III | Mindpop. writes:

    […] I used a robot  and video games in a research study at my rehab hospital, and now I am using a personal device at […]

  3. Hannah writes:

    I do AMES therapy 4x/week at my local hospital in Portland. I’m hopeful, I’m grateful for the chance to do it but it is really dull. Working on opening my spastic fist is hard. It is a mundane task. I described the process of stroke recovery to my physiatrist as hiking up a mountain that never ends. You keep going, keep trudging. Someday….someday!

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