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Ball / Library of Congress

Ball / Library of Congress

Our baby is very interested in bright colored balls. He crawls around our living room, pushing and throwing them, often for a half an hour at a stretch. He is getting good at kicking them too. I do my leg exercises, kicking balls back to him. Multitasking.

Other multitasking ideas?


Cup / Library of Congress

Cup / Library of Congress

Yesterday I picked up a cup with my bad hand and delivered it to my son. It was only later that I realized that I had done so without thinking about it. Before I had to stare at objects and order my fingers to position themselves around them. The automatic movement means my brain is relearning, reorganizing.

Keep learning, brain…..


MIT’s Biomechatronics Group designs rehabilitation technology. It even comes up with limbs that work better than human limbs.

In the future, will rehab be an advantage?