Mother’s Day II

Mother's Day / Wellcome Images

Mother’s Day / Wellcome Images

I had a very sweet Mother’s Day, with flowers picked out by my son.

Someday he will notice and ask about my hand problem. Then what? What do other parents with disabilities say to small children?

2 Responses to “Mother’s Day II”

  1. Eve writes:

    We believe our daughter would hate other children to point it out to her a we gave her the language to respond. ‘Daddy’s arm doesn’t work very, well and Dad’s leg doesn’t work very well, dad doesn’t speak as well at mummy because Daddy had a stroke’.

    When said by 3 year old with great enthusiasm it sounds like something to be proud of, like being a vegetarian!!!

  2. Alison writes:

    Like Eve we just say “because of daddys stroke”
    It bothers my husband more than it seems to worry the kids.

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