Clement Bicycle / Library of Congress

Clement Bicycle / Library of Congress

I’ve been doing much exercise on the arm ergometer. This machine is like a stationary bicycle for the arms and upper body. It’s the next chapter in the electrical stimulation on my back. It is very boring and tiring to do 45+ minutes. The only way to pass the time is to listen to books on my phone. Any good book recommendations?


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  1. Barb Polan writes:

    The Golem and the Jinni, All the Light we Cannot See,

  2. Roy writes:

    You get to use the coolest machines. I had not heard of the arm ergometer. My partner and I have a power plate. Have they put you on one of those yet? I am 66 and did not start working on these cool machines till I was 60. They are bringing my body and health back. You might not think this is very valuable but the next time you are at the grocery store look around at all the people who have distorted bodies and you will see how valuable the knowledge you are learning will come in very handy one day.

  3. Cathy Colloff writes:

    Hi Nina,
    I’m reading Barkskins by Annie Proulx and am enjoying it immensely.

  4. B writes:

    I just started “A Man Called Ove.” Several family members have recommended it.

  5. Meg writes:

    Podcasts are so varied and fun. They help pass the time and are easier when exercising. I like the ones about cooking and politics. The fifth column is great and different, comes from liberatarian point of view. Some swearing, always a lively discussion.

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