Even Better

Eyes / Library of Congress

Eyes / Library of Congress

My missing sight keeps getting better! I have vision loss because of my stroke. There is a narrow strip that I cannot see around 6 o’clock of my sight. Occasionally, I drop something small, like a coin, and wonder where it went.

Once a year I visit my eye doctor. He has me sit in a machine that measures my sight and periphery. The missing piece keeps getting smaller!

No one has a good explanation, since it has been awhile since my stroke. But I say, keep at it, everyone! Don’t give up!

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  1. Monique writes:

    There is always hope……I just heard your interview on NPR (I also have impaired vision…..mine is due to MS) loved your talk and look forward to.read more of your blog NEVER GIVE UP….but I don’t need to tell you that it sounds you are already there

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