My mind disappeared.

When it came back, it was not the same…

-Nina Mitchell



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I am a quirky young woman whose Mind went Pop. I was 26 when a stroke took away my limbs and speech. Mindpop. Strokes are hell. They have dark comedy too. 

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The Story is Here!

Amazon asked me to write a story about my stroke. Here it is, in Kindle and Audible formats. 

"In this darkly comic memoir, a young woman recounts the steps she took to rebuild her sense of self in the aftermath of two devastating strokes that robbed her of her ability to communicate...."

After Words is designed to be read in one sitting.


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 Creepy / Wellcome Images

Creepy / Wellcome Images

I was considering this image for my main intro page, but it is a little creepy. Is she drinking his brain from a straw? It's by F. Ruysch, 1638-1731.

Any good brain images? How do you like the head intro I chose?

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