Who’s Talking?

Who's Talking? / Wellcome Images

Who's Talking? / Wellcome Images

Sometimes I say the wrong words now. Right after my stroke, it was common.

When the words coming out of your mouth are not what you intend, who is talking?

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  1. vivian writes:

    I think this entire site is inspirational. I have shared it with 2 friends affected by strokes in loved ones. They cried. Keep up the sharing … it is you talking from the soul.

  2. CoeusPrime writes:

    When your mind is sharp and your abilities not so much, you do find yourself asking these sometimes existential questions…in my case I have spent a lot of time thinking about your exact question. I don’t think I am special but my SLP says my form of aphasia is rare in that while words to get misplaced, the problem exists more at a maco-level, whole sentences (while grammatically correct) are completely wrong. As an ex-engineer I tend to view my world through the lens of a computer problem and for me, the answer to your question is: “me”. Not me as in my identity but me as in the words, while not correct for what I was trying to say, is something I would and have said at some time in the past. In computer terms, its almost like my mind has a database of things I might/do say and when I go to form the words I am trying to say, I can almost feel my mind just grabbing a sample reply from the database, regardless of what I intended. So for me it sounds right to others but its sometimes not even close to what I meant seconds before…

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