Charming and Well-Adjusted / Wellcome Images

Charming and Well-Adjusted / Wellcome Images

Despite my stroke, I am charming and well-adjusted.

3 Responses to “But…”

  1. Alice Mitchell writes:

    You are and look like her, especially the hairdo!

  2. Nina Mitchell writes:

    She is selling Pildoras Hermosina as a remedy for female maladies.

  3. karen leaney for my son cameron writes:

    my son saw you on tv and asked me to find this website. at almost 27 he had a stroke…he is now 32 and living a completely different life from what it would have been. he doesnt know anyone young who has had a stroke and would really like to communicate with you and other young stroke adults. it was nice to see him be excited about this. i will let him tell you his story himself.

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