Acrobat 1887 / Wellcome Images

Acrobat 1887 / Wellcome Images

For awhile after my brain surgery, I saw acrobats in my right-hand vision. They were tiny little men wearing leotards. I knew they were hallucinations.

My neurologist said they were probably because surgery or blood irritated my optic system.

My surgeon said it was probably because I was a nut.

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  1. Andrea writes:

    the man pictured would be less disturbing, somehow, if he weren’t wearing a leotard. don’t you think? I’m glad, for your sake, that your hallucinacrobats were wearing them.

  2. Nina Mitchell writes:

    White leotards with teal blue tights.

  3. Scribble | Mindpop. writes:

    […] This was better than immediately after brain surgery, when I hallucinated acrobats: […]

  4. C writes:

    Oh, medical types–always blaming the other department.

  5. O writes:

    after my surgery, i hallucinated people in star-trek uniforms.

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