Bird 1731 / Wellcome Images

Bird 1731 / Wellcome Images

Stroke victims tend to have certain patterns of movement. For instance, patients often walk with a raised hip on the bad side, to let a messed-up leg go through. Normals keep their hips even. Once you have noticed the stroke walk, you can spot us easily. Then you will realize that we are everywhere. 6 million people in the US are living with a stroke. Stroke is a top cause of long-term disability in the US.

You can strokewatch. If you use binoculars, you are weirder than we are.

2 Responses to “Strokewatching”

  1. Dan Dunn writes:

    Made me laugh.

  2. Erin writes:

    I strokewatch constantly, realizing fully that I’m a weirdo. I’m just hoping that one day my dear Dad can get around as well as “they” are.

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