Stroke Fashionista

Shawl / Wellcome Images

Shawl / Wellcome Images

At the hospital, they showed me a picture of a shawl. I couldn’t remember its name. I identified it as “pashmina.”

Stroke Fashionista.

6 Responses to “Stroke Fashionista”

  1. Oliver writes:

    I loved this! I’m still laughing out loud. So much fun.

  2. Andy writes:

    I enjoyed this as well. Made me wonder what objects I associate strongly with a brand.

  3. Kate S. writes:

    Well, Mindpop always makes me smile! I look forward to your updates and check every other day for more.

  4. Mason B writes:

    Very funny.

  5. Vanessa writes:

    Ah, true to your Westlake roots! We are so proud!

  6. Suzanne de Jong writes:

    I like 🙂

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