Mr. Tucker

Flora 1919 / Library of Congress

Flora 1919 / Library of Congress

I use voice-activated software to “type.” If you have only one usable hand, talking to your computer is better than poking at it with one finger.

    The software deliberately comes with no swear words in its vocabulary. This is to avoid mishearing the name of your boss, Mr. Tucker.

      However, you can teach it any new word you want. I had an amusing morning swearing at my computer, repetitively.

      3 Responses to “Mr. Tucker”

      1. holly jo writes:

        I have enjoyed learning new alternatives to swearing. For example, that Mother Shaking The Hand of God Mr. Tucker!

      2. Laura writes:

        To prepare for having his HBO series syndicated, Garry Shandling had the opposite problem. He had one of the more foul-mouthed characters on his show sit and record “milder” words that could be substituted on the basic cable version of the show.
        Listen to the first 2 minutes.
        I think your recording session was probably more gratifying.

      3. Janice writes:

        Neat…I didn’t know the default was to pretend not to know swear words though.

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